Auto Body Repair Made Simple

A Friend Wrecked Your Car: Here Is What To Do

Helping a friend is something everyone should always aspire to do. After all, you never know when it could be your turn, and you need a helping hand. Among all the things a friend can borrow, asking for your car takes a lot of courage especially if you have a close relationship. Not only do they not want to impose, but they also are aware of how important your car is to you. Read More 

A Guide To Powder Coating Services

To make certain that you're getting what you need from your automobile, you'll need to reach out to a professional that can assist you. By taking care of your vehicle body with a quality paint job, you'll be in a great position to sustain your automobile, while making it look its best. Powder coating allows you to truly get a great color, by using a dry material, rather than wet paint. Read More 

Auto Body Repair Ranked By Level Of Damage: Communicating On Your Technician’s Level

The general population's understanding of damage levels on a car is quite different from an auto body technician's. When you get into a car accident, do you know how to speak "car repair technician"? Telling the technician on the phone that you were just in a "fender bender" means something to the technician that typically does not mean the same to you. Here are some of the common phrases used to describe car damage, and how your technician hears and perceives them before seeing the actual levels of damage done to your vehicle: Read More 

Why You Need To Fix Your Cracked Windshield

Were you driving down the freeway when a rock flew into your windshield? The damage that it caused my seem insignificant, but it is something that you need to be concerned about. Here are a few reasons why you should have a crack in your windshield repaired as soon as possible, no matter how big it is. Cracks Can Expand Damage may start small, but it will eventually expand to a much bigger crack over time. Read More 

Car Repairs To Make Before A Long Road Trip

The last thing you'd want to deal with during a road trip is a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. A long road trip will be a tough test for any car. The biggest problem may be finding someone to assist or a place to buy spares in case your trip takes you through less travelled parts of the country. The best approach is to repair or replace anything that looks like it won't last the journey. Read More