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Got A Dent In Your RV? Get Answers To The Questions You May Have About RV Dent Removal

If you have backed into a pole when trying to park your RV or another car tapped your bumper, you may have a dent in the body of your RV. When this occurs, you will want to take your car to an RV collision repair center for repair. However, removing a dent from your RV is very different than removing a dent from your car. As such, you may have many questions, especially when you see the recommended work order and estimate. Read More 

Identifying The Car Make And Model That Hit Yours: How A Collision Repair Service Helps

When your car has been the victim of a hit and run accident, and you did not see it happen, it is very upsetting. However, if the other driver left streaks of paint on your vehicle, you can actually thank him or her for that. It will help identify the make and model of possible vehicles that hit your car, and narrow it down for the police. Here is how a collision repair service like Automotive Super Sports can help. Read More